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ALX400 Fade-Away

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ALX400 Fade-Away


ALX400 Fade-Away features Alexander's ALX400 double-deckers which were supplied to London operators on three different chassis types - Dennis Trident, Volvo B7TL and DAF DB250LF; they also came in two lengths on each chassis type. Mid-way through 2015, the DAF examples are very nearly extinct and big inroads are being made into the Tridents and Volvo fleets. Throughout the DVD we visit numerous locations all over the Capital to bring you the very best action. This programme looks back over the last four years showing many now withdrawn buses, routes no longer worked, Types no longer operated by operators and of course those that still cling on today. Some buses continue working in the capital as trainers while others continue to turn up at weekends on rail replacement work. ALX400 Fade-Away shows them all.

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Stock Code: VI1657.0
Publication Date: 1 Jan 2015
Publication Status: Out of print
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