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A London Trolleybus Experience

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A London Trolleybus Experience


What is a Trolleybus? In essence it is a bus that runs on rubber tyres but is powered by electricity collected from overhead wires by way of a pair of poles, or booms. It is not like a tram where the power is collected by a single collector and the return of the current is through steel wheels running on steel rails laid into the roadway. The trolleybus gives slightly more flexibility than a fixed tram route in that it can overtake or negotiate normal road vehicles but is still limited to the route of the overhead wiring. Of course, unless on a separate 'track', they cannot overtake each other - thus the old saying, 'another convoy on its way'. London had one of the largest fleets of trolleybuses in the world and at its peak had about 1,800 vehicles. The last London trolleybus ran in May 1962. Except for a few original and earlier models, the London trolleybuses were six-wheeled, and most British vehicles were double-deck whereas those in the rest of the world are single-deck.

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Stock Code: IR967.0
Author: Fairhurst D
ISBN13: 9781906919672
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 297
Page Count: 80
Publication Date: 15 Jul 2014
Publication Status: Available
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