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World Water Speed Record - A History

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World Water Speed Record - A History


The quest for the Water Speed Record is one of the most dangerous, least forgiving and most unheralded of endeavours. Defined by the fatal crash to Donald Campbell in 1967 on Lake Coniston, it does not have the glamour that the Land Speed Record possesses, yet hundreds have made attempts down the years. From the first official record set in 1920 in a boat called Miss America, where an astonishing speed of 74mph was set, to the last, 58 years later, where the Spirit of Australia skimmed across the surface at over 317 mph - a speed still unsurpassed. That 243mph increase in just under six decades hardly tells the story of the trials and tribulations that the likes of Campbell Snr and Jnr, Segrave, Don and Warby endured. The Land Speed Record has been beaten time and again by surprisingly large margins, but the Water version has been tougher and more pronounced.

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