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British Coaching Chassis Manufacturers, Coachbuilders & Oper

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British Coaching Chassis Manufacturers, Coachbuilders & Oper


Coaches have long been a part of life in Britain, from the days of eighteenth-century stage coaches galloping along muddied tracks to air-conditioned fleets cruising the motorways of the modern day. As we moved past the horse-driven coaches of the past, and the charabancs and buses that followed, three key parts of the industry shaped the world of coaching as we know it today: the chassis manufacturers, the coachbuilders and the operators. Delving into his impressive collections of rare and unseen photographs, Mick Hyman explores each of these in turn and delivers a fascinating, lavishly illustrated history of the major players in the world of British coaching. Profiling major names such as AEC, Leyland, Duple and Bristol, with photographs dating back as far as the early twentieth century, this is an essential volume for any enthusiast keen to learn more about Britain's coaching history.

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Stock Code: A6180.0
Author: Hyman M
ISBN13: 9781445661803
Height(mm): 235
Width(mm): 65
Page Count: 128
Publication Date: 3 Jun 2016
Publication Status: Available
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