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False Starts, Near Misses and Dangerous Goods

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False Starts, Near Misses and Dangerous Goods


Running a railway is a complex business beset with drama. The operation of heavy equipment at speed, twenty-four hours a day, across the full length of the country and using extremely technical signalling, track and mechanical engineering is no mean feat and throws up a constant stream of challenges. Fortunately, the highly professional railway staff are ready to deal with these daily obstacles using their expertise, dedication and, as is so often required, a sense of humour. Here Geoff Body and his son Ian have collated a selection of entertaining and revealing anecdotes that illustrate just how unexpected working on the railways can be.

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Stock Code: HP027.0
Author: Body G/Body I
ISBN13: 9780750970273
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 145
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 6 Jan 2017
Publication Status: Available
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