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GWR Goods Cartage Volume 1- From Horses and Carts to Tractor

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GWR Goods Cartage Volume 1- From Horses and Carts to Tractor


This is the latest volume in the acclaimed and successful GW Goods series which explores, in unprecedented detail, how the Great Western Railway organised and conducted its freight business. This fourth volume in the series follows on from GWR Goods & Marine and the two volumes on GWR Goods Train Working, all written by the acknowledged expert in this field, Tony Atkins. In this totally new book the author looks at how the railway sought to obtain goods traffic and how it strived to retain that traffic. This was a hugely important source of revenue for the railway. These days it is easy to overlook that for the GWR and their contemporaries, goods traffic generated far more income than passenger traffic. The book shows both how goods were moved and delivered to and from the customer's premises. The subjects covered thus include horse drawn drays and carts, motor lorries, stables, garages, and most importantly the facilities provide to handle the traffic at the various stations both large and small.

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Stock Code: CR879.0
Author: Atkins T
ISBN13: 9781909328792
Height(mm): 273
Width(mm): 215
Page Count: 338
Publication Date: 26 Nov 2018
Publisher: CRECY
Publication Status: Available
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