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Grey Green and Contemporaries Book 2- 1961 to the Arriva Yea

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Grey Green and Contemporaries Book 2- 1961 to the Arriva Yea


Tom McLachlan continues his story of the London-based coach operator which came to play a significant role in the tendering of London's bus routes. He describes the gradual decline in the seasonal coach services, the stratagems adopted to prolong the life of Grey-Green Coaches, and the uninvited assault by a large motor sales business that didn't want the coaches but, to its surprise, saw what could be achieved and transformed itself into a major European bus operator. Employed at Grey-Green for 36 years, he was general manager for much of the period covered here and has been able to draw on his first hand experiences to describe the changes forced on London's coach operators by rapidly changing circumstances. The text is complemented by over 120 colour photographs along with timetables, leaflets, maps and other company documents.

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Stock Code: GG001.0
Author: McLachlan T
ISBN13: 9781527235809
Height(mm): 297
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 184
Publication Date: 4 Mar 2019
Publication Status: Out of print
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