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Across the Pacific: Liners of Australia & New Zealand to Nor

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Across the Pacific: Liners of Australia & New Zealand to Nor


With his usual meticulous research, Peter Plowman describes the liners that traversed the Pacific and companies that owned and managed them. The main North American ports were San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company was the first to instigate regular operations, the route was then taken over by the Oceanic Steamship Company. This in turn became the Matson Line with its famous liners the Mariposa and the Monterey. The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand used the Tahiti and Maunganui. Details of the liners are given, their voyages, changes of name and ownership and their eventual fate. The various company mergers and associations are covered (such as that of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand). Some of the liners were requisitioned during World War I and II. The Aorangi for example, survived the war. Her sister ship, the Niagara was victim to a mine.

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Author: Plowman P
ISBN13: 9781877058967
Height(mm): 285
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 272
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2010
Publication Status: Available
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