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Cornish Milestones

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Cornish Milestones


Cornwall's intricate road network, some of it quite ancient, links all the major towns of the county and to guide travellers milestones and guidestones were erected. Two centuries of intensive road development, from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to the arrival of the motor car, has given Cornwall a legacy of the best collection of granite milestones in Britain. Despite new bypasses and faster, wider roads replacing the turnpike roads of the stage coach era, in Cornwall the milestones remain to tell the story of the pioneering days of road engineering. Drawing on extensive research, using original maps and documents, the author has traced the growth and development of the road system, piecing together the pattern of milestones and placing it in its historical context. Every roadside milestone in Cornwall is documented and illustrated, and not just from the turnpike era as examples both pre- and post-date that period.

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Stock Code: TH478.0
Author: Thompson I
ISBN13: 9780906294789
Height(mm): 270
Width(mm): 215
Page Count: 184
Publication Date: 28 Nov 2013
Publication Status: Out of print
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