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Classic Military Vehicles Story

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Classic Military Vehicles Story


This book charts the development of military vehicles from steam-powered tractors to modern main battle tanks. The story reveals how such vehicles have changed the way wars are fought, either by increasing the speed and volume of logistics or troop deployments, or through the application of mobile firepower. The narrative explains key technical innovations from World War I, through the inter-war years to World War II, the Cold War and beyond. It pays homage to outstanding designs and those that are remembered with fondness, including the M3 Lee/Grant, T-34, Panther, Tiger, M1 Abrams, Chieftain and M4 Sherman tanks; the Bren Gun Carrier, the Willys 'Jeep', the Dodge truck; through to the modern 'Humvee' and Stryker, and many more. Chris McNab examines why they were invented, how they developed, their use in action, their strengths and weaknesses, and what it was like to be in the driving seat.

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Stock Code: HP204.0
Author: McNab C
ISBN13: 9780752462042
Height(mm): 124
Width(mm): 185
Page Count: 128
Publication Date: 30 Sep 2011
Publication Status: Out of print
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