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First Class Cargo A History of Combination Cargo-Passenger S

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First Class Cargo A History of Combination Cargo-Passenger S


This book is about the unique, largely ignored and forgotten passenger-cargo ships that were not liners but more than ordinary freighters. The first appeared in the 1930s but their heyday was post-war until the 1960s. There were dozens of these ships, often carrying 50-300 passengers in very comfortable, sometimes quite luxurious quarters. Mostly, they were all-first class. They were club-like, even yacht-like and preferred by many, pre-jet travellers who wanted a longer, more restful journey, away from the often hotel-like quality of the big ocean liners. They also happened to be cargo vessels, carrying 5-6 holds of cargo while adhering to scheduled sailings. William Miller presents an important record of a little-documented aspect of maritime history.

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Stock Code: HP508.0
Author: Miller WH
ISBN13: 9780750965088
Height(mm): 226
Width(mm): 248
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 3 Feb 2016
Publication Status: Available
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