Ginetta- The Wedge Era Cars

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In this book, Dean Petley covers the full history of the Ginetta wedge-era cars of the 1980s, from concept cars such as the mid-engined G25, the highly successful G26 kit car to the factory-built and homologated G32. The author examines the styling and specifications of how these Ginetta models measured up to the sports car criteria, making comparisons with the mainly foreign competition, and also how the success of these vehicles led to the successful sale of the Ginetta business in the late 1980s by the four founding Walklett brothers. The book also reveals the relationship with Ford that helped to ensure the company's success. The book includes owner interviews and also looks at the modifications and personalisations that Ginetta cars are renowned for.
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Author Petley D
ISBN13 9781398100879
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Publication Date 31 Dec 2099
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