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Marine Paintings of Francis Smitherman

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Marine Paintings of Francis Smitherman


The distinguished marine painter Francis Smitheman has spent some thirty years passionately depicting the Age of Sail, an age in which sailing ships have enabled man to move out from the coast, to trade, to defend his territory and to discover and chart new lands for the benefit of mankind. In this stunning new book, Smitheman offers us an evocative visual survey of the sailing ship by focusing on certain aspects: Historical Vessels, Antarctica and the Arctic, London's River, Ports Harbours and Havens, Nelson's Ships, Adventures and Contemporary. 144 pages hardback, 200 colour illustrations.

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Stock Code: HA016.0
Author: Smitheman F
ISBN13: 9781906690168
Height(mm): 258
Width(mm): 238
Page Count: 144
Publication Date: 24 Jul 2009
Publication Status: Out of print
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