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Military Aircraft Markings 2019

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Military Aircraft Markings 2019


First published in the 1970s, Military Aircraft Markings has become an indispensable annual publication for aircraft enthusiasts, historians and students of military aviation. At the heart of Military Aircraft Markings is the most complete listing of all the aircraft of the UK Armed Forces - the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army and associated units. For each entry the military serial, aircraft type, unit/operator and usual base is given. Military Aircraft Markings 2019 has been fully revised and updated by one of Britain's leading authorities on military aviation. The book's annual publication is eagerly anticipated by a large number of aviation enthusiasts who look forward to acquiring the latest edition of this indispensable guide to their hobby.

Additional Information

Stock Code: CR925.0
Author: Curtis HJ
ISBN13: 9781910809259
Height(mm): 184
Width(mm): 120
Page Count: 304
Publication Date: 15 Apr 2019
Publisher: CRECY
Publication Status: Available
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