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Narrow Gauge Railways in S Caernarvonshire 1

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Narrow Gauge Railways in S Caernarvonshire 1


In 1971 the First Edition of this title drew readers' attention from James Boyd's previous book about the Mid-Wales Narrow Gauge Railways, to a treasury of long-abandoned railways in South Caernarvonshire which, until the 1960s had been hardly investigated. In this Second Edition (in two volumes) the author builds still further on his life-long and close knowledge of the subject. He recounts the politics and infighting of the Cambrian, Great Western and London & North Western Railways to secure a greater foothold and share in the then-lucrative North Wales slate industry traffic, and wrench more of it from the monopoly of an entrenched Festiniog Railway.

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Stock Code: OA365.0
Author: Boyd JIC
ISBN13: 9780853613657
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 148
Page Count: 320
Publication Date: 1 Jan 2001
Publication Status: Available
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