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A Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of Mid-Cornwall

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A Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of Mid-Cornwall


This book introduces these remarkable engine houses by providing an illustrated guide to those in Mid-Cornwall using contemporary and archival photographs supplemented with brief descriptions of the engines the buildings once contained, simple interpretations of some of their key features, and short histories of the mines of which they were part. It is not an exhaustive treatment, nor is meant solely for the enthusiast, but rather, it provides an overview intended for all those interested in these historically important structures. Together the authors bring over a century and a half of expertise to this fascinating guide. Damian Nance is a St Ivesborn geologist with a lifelong interest and knowledge of engine houses, the late Kenneth Brown was a leading expert on Cornish mining history and co-author of the highly popular 'Exploring Cornish Mines' series, and Tony Clarke is an authority on Cornish mineral processing and has spent a lifetime recording Cornish mine sites and researching their histories.

Additional Information

Stock Code: LPR61.0
Author: Nance D/Brown K/Clarke T
ISBN13: 9781911038610
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 172
Publication Date: 18 Oct 2019
Publication Status: Available
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