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North East Engine Sheds in the Last Days of Steam

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North East Engine Sheds in the Last Days of Steam


In the late 1950s and '60s, steam motive power depots attracted railway enthusiasts like pins to a magnet. There was no need to wait on a platform for something to turn up; particularly at weekends and evenings, sheds would be packed with machines waiting their turn, being disposed of, getting fixed, or stored for another day. Enthusiasts flocked to these grimy railway havens as places of enchantment. This book, compiled using the author's collection of images since donated to the National Railway Museum, travels back to those days, combining Richard Gaunt's atmospheric photographs with quotes, instructions and reports from railway management at the time, who - perhaps despite appearances - were trying to give a good service at an acceptable cost. This evocative and nostalgic book brings the past to life and is sure to appeal to people who remember the north eastern railways and the drama of working steam sheds.

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Stock Code: H8614.0
Author: Gaunt R
ISBN13: 9780752486147
Height(mm): 248
Width(mm): 172
Page Count: 160
Publication Date: 31 Aug 2012
Publication Status: Out of print
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