Signal Box Register Vol 9 - Ireland & Isle of Man (Softback)

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Each register contains the detailed information about signal box design, frame type and opening and closing dates. An alphabetical listing of each box is provided, including all alternative names, giving the section of the register where it is listed. A line-by-line listing is also provided, indexed by railref code, also giving this reference. The criteria for definite inclusion of a box are that the box is (or was) a block post (rather than simply a gate box or an open shunting frame) and that it was an enclosed structure. Thus gate boxes and ground frames are generally excluded - some 'closure' dates may thus refer to the date when a box was downgraded to a ground frame but details are included where known. The alphabetic listing also gives the Ordnance Survey grid reference and the drawing number of a box diagram, where this is available from the SRS. Remarks too lengthy to fit in the register itself, as well as a note of any renaming of the box concerned, are included as footnotes.
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