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AEC Mustang & Marshal


AEC came into the medium weight six-wheeler lorry market rather late and its first offering was the Mustang, a twin steering Chinese-Six lorry. The first of them entered service in 1957 and they were based on contemporary AEC Mercury Mk.II driveline components. Mustangs were made in small numbers until 1962 when they were superseded by Marshal conventional six-wheelers, the first of which were built in 1960. The earliest AEC Marshals used proprietary rear axles and suspension because of a lack of manufacturing capacity within AEC and its sister companies. By 1965 Marshals had become the leading medium weight six-wheeler models. This position was maintained with tilt- cabbed versions until the mid-seventies when once again internal politics within British Leyland decreed that Marshals be replaced by Leyland Bisons. This title provides a detailed production and service history of both AEC Mustang and AEC Marshal lorries and it is illustrated with monochrome and colour photographs.



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AEC Mustang & Marshal

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