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Scottish Steam 1948-67

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Scottish Steam 1948-67


At the nationalisation of Britain's railways in 1948, the Scottish Region inherited 1,400 locomotives that had been constructed by the pre-grouping companies. The real veterans among these were a handful of ex-NBR and CR 0-6-0 tender locos dating from the 1880s. From the 1890s were a large number of 0-4-4s and 0-4-0s from the same sources. The rarest survivors were the ex-HR 4-4-0 'Loch' and 'Small Ben' classes, totalling fewer than 10 examples that were allocated to the sheds in the far north of Scotland. From the late 1940s and '50s enthusiasts from England would make the long journey north in what became known as the 'Grand Tour' to see these rare classes before they became extinct. This new book is arranged chronologically, covers the whole of Scotland and shows the wide variety of steam power from the early examples mentioned above to more modern classes of the LNER, LSR and BR Standard in operation.

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Author: Dickson BJ
ISBN13: 9780752476872
Height(mm): 248
Width(mm): 172
Page Count: 160
Publication Date: 31 Jul 2012
Publication Status: Out of print
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