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The Reliant Robin - Britain's Most Bizarre Car

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The Reliant Robin - Britain's Most Bizarre Car


For almost 30 years, the Reliant Robin was a familiar fixture on the country's roadscape, an object of amusement to those who didn't understand its ultra-thrifty ways, and pride to the thousands who did. Being a 'tricycle', it enjoyed motorbike levels of road tax, and to keep it within strict weight guidelines, the body was of lightweight glassfibre. Allied to a light and efficient four-cylinder engine made entirely of aluminium, this made the Robin extremely frugal, yet still nippy enough to mix it with modern traffic. The car was a massive hit, and Reliant couldn't make them fast enough, until a culture of more sophisticated carbuyers, and a dwindling of the hard-working folk in the traditional heavy industries of mining and steel, saw it go into eventual decline.

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Stock Code: HP759.0
Author: Chapman G
ISBN13: 9780750967594
Height(mm): 226
Width(mm): 248
Page Count: 112
Publication Date: 7 Nov 2016
Publication Status: Out of print
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