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Why do Shepherds need a Bush? London's Underground History o

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Why do Shepherds need a Bush? London's Underground History o


The names of the 300 or so London underground stations are part of the everyday landscape for the Londoners, who strap-hang their way across the capital. We hardly ever question their meanings or origins - yet these well-known names are linked with fascinating stories of bygone times. Until the mid-19th century, London was almost unbelievably rural, with names belonging to a countryside we could never recognise or imagine today. Who in the 21st century, thinks of a real flesh-and-blood shepherd lolling back on a specially-trimmed hawthorn bush, when travelling through Shepherd's Bush underground station? And who, travelling through Totteridge and Whetstone on the Northern Line, imagines medieval soldiers sharpening their swords and daggers at the aptly named Whetstone, just before engaging in the appallingly bloody battle of Barnet? This Hardback book explains it all.

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Stock Code: H5526.0
Author: Hilliam D
ISBN13: 9780752455266
Height(mm): 198
Width(mm): 129
Page Count: 163
Publication Date: 10 Aug 2010
Publication Status: Out of print
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