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'The Express' Express Omnibus Co. (Durham) Ltd Durham Distri

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'The Express' Express Omnibus Co. (Durham) Ltd Durham Distri


This collaboration by Bob Kell (co-author of Northern Coachbuilders) and David Holding covers the whole span from the formation of the family business in the 1920s through the effects of the 1930 Road Traffic Act then World War II, post-war Durham District Services Ltd, the United Automobile relationship, finally THC to NBC. Spelled out in detail, backed with good paragraphs, well printed including timetables and memorabilia, this specialist production is a must for anyone interested in how services in this part of North East development. The selection of vehicle makes involves is just one more fascinating aspect.

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Stock Code: OS119.0
Author: Holding D/Kell B
ISBN13: 9781909091191
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 148
Page Count: 88
Publication Date: 20 Apr 2016
Publication Status: Available
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