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A Recollections Tour of Britain Transport Travelogue 1948-19

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A Recollections Tour of Britain Transport Travelogue 1948-19


The Combined Volume of a set of 6 additions to the bestselling Recollections series taking us on a nostalgic tour of Britain during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Cedric Greenwood takes us on a photographic journey from Cornwall to Scotland with a wide selection of atmospheric shots taken during those three decades. Using the means of transport available including buses, trams, trains and ships we see the street scenes and life as it was back then. The fashions, the vehicles, the shops, the industries, the landscape and much, much more frozen in the moment and captured by Cedric's camera for us to enjoy 40, 50, 60 years later.

Additional Information

Stock Code: S4505.0
Author: Greenwood C
ISBN13: 9781857945058
Height(mm): 169
Width(mm): 238
Page Count: 300
Publication Date: 19 Dec 2019
Publisher: SILVER LINK
Publication Status: Available
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