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Alvis Cars in Competition

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Alvis Cars in Competition


The forefather of Alvis, T. G. John & Co. Ltd, was founded in 1919 by Thomas George John and became The Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd in December 1921. The company's first production car, the Alvis 10/30, was introduced in 1920.. In 1936 the company shortened its name to just Alvis Ltd. After car production was suspended during the Second World War, Alvis resumed with the TA14, based on the pre-war 12/70. In the 1950s, Alvis launched the TA21 saloon. The last model produced by Alvis was the TF21, which was launched in 1966. However, only 109 were sold and production was ended in 1967. In this book, Clive Taylor, a member of the Alvis Owners' Club, in cooperation with the club, celebrates the centennial year of Alvis cars in 2019 by looking at surviving examples. With images and information from the cars' owners, this is both an informative guide to surviving Alvis cars and a wonderful tribute for the company's centennial.

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Stock Code: A7516.0
Author: Taylor C
ISBN13: 9781445675169
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 3 May 2018
Publication Status: Available
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