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The London Leylands- Last Years of RTL & RTW Operation in Lo

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The London Leylands- Last Years of RTL & RTW Operation in Lo


London's famous RT-type buses were an iconic symbol of our Capital city in the 1950s, before being superseded by the Routemasters. Most were built between 1947 and 1954 to replace worn-out pre-war and wartime buses. More than 7,000 were built in all and although London Transport favoured AEC chassis, which the first batches of RTs had, so pressing was the need for new buses that not enough could be supplied by that manufacturer to match demand. Therefore Leyland Motors were contracted to adapt their Leyland Titan PD2 chassis to fit bodies that, for the most part, were identical with those on RTs. The result was the 1,631-strong RTL class, together with the 500 RTWs, which had bodies also built by Leyland to the same general design, were built between 1948 and 1954. During the RTL and RTW class buses' final years, Jim Blake was out and about photographing them throughout London. A selection of his photographs of them, most previously unpublished, is presented here.

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Author: Blake J
ISBN13: 9781473861428
Height(mm): 297
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 168
Publication Date: 28 Mar 2018
Publisher: PEN & SWORD
Publication Status: Available
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