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Steam in the English Landscape

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Steam in the English Landscape


The white cliffs of Dover, the soaring spire of Salisbury cathedral and the distinctive Blackpool Tower are all iconic landmarks of the English landscape. For almost 150 years steam trains were also an integral part of this rich heritage. Steam locomotives puffed sedately along delightful rural branch lines, long-distance trains hauled by mighty express passenger locomotives thundered along the main arteries, while other routes were worked at full capacity carrying vital goods traffic. In the late 1950s colour photography grew in popularity and many scenes of everyday operation were recorded for posterity. Using some of the best available images, this all-colour album vividly brings to life the final ten years or so of steam in the English landscape.

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Stock Code: CA426.0
ISBN13: 9781854144263
Height(mm): 258
Width(mm): 228
Page Count: 1
Publication Date: 25 Sep 2018
Publication Status: Available
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