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Leicester's Trams and Buses- 20th Century Landmarks

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Leicester's Trams and Buses- 20th Century Landmarks


'Leicester's Trams and Buses- 20th Century Landmarks' examines in detail the background behind five key events, the opening of the electric tram network in 1904 and its closure in 1949; the arrival of Midland Red in Leicester in 1921 via the protracted planning for Leicester's first proper bus station, to the so-called bus wars in the deregulation and privatisation era of the 1980s. It concludes that it was the pursuit of policies, at local and national government levels, which ultimately led to opportunities being missed that could have provided Leicester city and county with a fully integrated modern-day network.

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Stock Code: P3249.0
Author: Bartlett AH
ISBN13: 9781526732491
Height(mm): 282
Width(mm): 216
Page Count: 256
Publication Date: 31 Jan 2019
Publisher: PEN & SWORD
Publication Status: Available
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