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Birmingham Buses, Trams & Trolleybuses in the Second World W

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Birmingham Buses, Trams & Trolleybuses in the Second World W


This book looks at the effects of the Second World War on public transport in the West Midlands. New regulations were introduced within days of Chamberlain's public announcement and buses, trolleybuses and trams had to conform with new blackout regulations. Many single-deck buses were either commandeered by the War Department or converted to ambulances. Service reductions were made and significant damage to buildings and infrastructures presented a unique set of challenges for those tasked with keeping the West Midlands working. Air raids resulted in many routes being abandoned or changed as the inevitable reduction in fleet sizes put the public transport systems under even greater strain. Photographing public transport systems was forbidden during the war, but many enthusiasts continued to record history. Delving into his superb collection of wartime shots, renowned Midland's bus expert David Harvey offers a fascinating snapshot of theses buses' life during wartime.

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Stock Code: A8445.0
Author: Harvey D
ISBN13: 9781445684451
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 128
Publication Date: 6 Mar 2019
Publication Status: Available
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