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Coaches in & Around Brighton

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Coaches in & Around Brighton


Brighton is famous for many things and coaching is one. During the summer months coaches from the four operators based in Brighton - Alpha, Campings, Unique and Southdown - would line up along Maderia Drive adjacent to the seafront with boards along the sides of their coaches advertising excursions to a variety of locations in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. These attracted Not only tourists in the area, but local people who would travel once or twice every week. These operators had premises in or around the town with an array of advertising potential exploited; Campings led the way with their Aquarium booking office to the right of the entrance to this famous attraction. This book relives coaching in Brighton from tours and excursions to private hires and contracts, taking in the heyday of the early 1960s through to the sad decline of traditional coaching in the 1980s.

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Stock Code: A8541.0
Author: Stanford S
ISBN13: 9781445685410
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 8 May 2019
Publication Status: Available
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