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Mansfield Railway - Serving 'Old King Coal', 'Fast Fish' and

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Mansfield Railway - Serving 'Old King Coal', 'Fast Fish' and


The Mansfield Railway was brought into being by determined individuals when the major railway companies showed little interest in their plans. The Act to build it was passed in 1910, but various delays meant it was 1916 before it opened to goods traffic. After the war the railway remained as an independent company until Grouping in 1923. Its prime intended purpose was to carry coal from the east Nottinghamshire coalfield, but it was also on the route for the 'Fast Fish' trains from Grimsby to London and other destinations. It also connected the coalfield towns with seaside resorts enabling holidays and day trips for the mining communities. As services were cut the railways eventually became a truncated line serving only the collieries and with the demise of the industry the end was inevitable.

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