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The Craft of the Fireman

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The Craft of the Fireman


Those who have been on a footplate experience course, been given a short talk on firing and shown how to use an injector, provided they can stand on a footplate and have minimal skill with a shovel, know that they can generate enough steam to get a lightweight train (generally one coach) from A to B. However, this is vastly different from having to provide steam at or near the registered pressure of the boiler and at such a rate that the engine can develop the horsepower needed to produce the sort of mainline running that we are extremely fortunate to be able to experience at the present time. A driver is still a driver whatever sort of motive power is in use, but the fireman - given a grate, a vessel in which to boil water and a supply of coal and water - is analogous to the engine in a diesel locomotive inasmuch that he is the sole provider of power. No matter how good a driver may be, he cannot produce a top performance unless his fireman does so.

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Author: Mathews T
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Publication Date: 24 Jan 2020
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