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Far East Buses - French Indochina - Vietnam, Laos and Cambod

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Far East Buses - French Indochina - Vietnam, Laos and Cambod


This book forms part of the popular Far East Buses series and covers the period from the late 19th century up to modern times. The bus fleets in Hanoi and Saigon have been recorded in greater detail than elsewhere and a surprising amount of information has been found. Much of the book is a compilation and draws on the photos and records of visitors to the region, sometimes of only a few days duration. Hence it is sub-titled 'Snapshots'. As with previous Far East Buses books in this series, the trams are included and the French-owned systems in both Hanoi and Saigon (the latter today's Ho Chi Minh City) are covered, the earliest views being from the commercial postcards so beloved of European expatriates in French Indochina and elsewhere. Some photographs were contributed by a former US serviceman whose duties during the 1970s took him to what was then known as South Vietnam. There are no equivalent contributions from North Vietnam for the same period.

Additional Information

Stock Code: DT542.0
Author: Davis M/Osborne J
ISBN13: 9781900515429
Height(mm): 297
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 198
Publication Date: 15 Jan 2016
Publication Status: Available
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