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Far East Buses - Macau 2nd Edition

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Far East Buses - Macau 2nd Edition


This book is a complete revision and update of the original. The older, historical, section has been expanded and additional photographs, many of which are in colour have been added. The pre-1988 sections include details and fascinating pictures of Bristol L5Gs, some dating from 1939 and still in service well into the 1980s, Bristol LS single-deckers, KSW6G and LD Lodekka double-deckers. All the foregoing were originally with British operators and many worked longer in Macau than they had in the UK. 1988 saw a complete revision of bus services in Macau when the two existing operators reformed to meet the requirements of new franchises. The post-1988 buses of Transmac and TCM included a number inherited from their predecessor companies but modern buses were introduced, including Dennis Darts and Mercedes-Benz, Fusos, Hinos and MANs. More recently Chinese models including, Higer, King Long, Wuzhoulong and Huang Hai have arrived.

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Stock Code: DT504.0
Author: Davis M
ISBN13: 9781900515047
Height(mm): 297
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 154
Publication Date: 20 Apr 2011
Publication Status: Available
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