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Far East Buses - George Town, Penang Includes Trams Trolleyb

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Far East Buses - George Town, Penang Includes Trams Trolleyb


This fascinating story starts circa 1880 with the introduction of a private steam tramway that survived until 1904. A horse tramway was operated by the steam tram company on a route unsuitable for the heavy and cumbersome steamers. A new electrified system opened in 1905 and operated until closure in 1936. Trams were replaced by trolleybuses and after World War II, ex-military trucks were pressed into service and proper were introduced in 1952-3.The funicular Hill Railway is also described, as are the George Town to Prai ferries. The private buses operating outside the municipal area are covered in a largely photographic section. All in all, this book will fill many gaps in already published material in journal and book form. The latest Rapid Penang buses give a modern flavour.

Additional Information

Stock Code: DT507.0
Author: Davis M
ISBN13: 9781900515078
Height(mm): 297
Width(mm): 210
Page Count: 154
Publication Date: 12 Apr 2011
Publication Status: Available
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