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Gloster Album

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Gloster Album


This 32 page booklet takes a brief look at the history and works of the Gloustershire Aircraft Co, later renamed as the Gloster Aircraft Co. The Gloucestershire Aircraft Company was set up in 1917 to assemble warplanes in the Great War. In 1926 the firm's name changed to the Gloster Aircraft Company. HP Folland designed the famous Gloster single-seater biplane fighters, Grebe, Gamecock, Gauntlet and Gladiator. In 1934 Gloster was taken over by Hawker, later Hawker then merged with JD Siddeley to make the Hawker Siddeley Group. This book covers the company from the early years during the Great War, through the 1920s, through the Second World War, into the jet era. As well as many aircrafts, rockets, hovercrafts and buses are also covered. This publication, like the others from Malvern House, follows the same great format and size with small photographs and drawings both in colour and in black & white to illustrate this company's history.

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Stock Code: MH124.0
Author: Ward R
ISBN13: 9781854821249
Height(mm): 210
Width(mm): 145
Page Count: 32
Publication Date: 25 Oct 2016
Publication Status: Available
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