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Little book of the London Underground

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Little book of the London Underground


With 980 million passengers a year, more than 250 miles of track, literally hundreds of different stations and a history stretching back nearly 150 years, the world's oldest underground railway might seem familiar, but actually, how well do you know it? Do you know, for example, who the Queen sat next to when she first went on the Tube in 1939? Or what they did with all the earth dug out to make way for the Piccadilly Line? Or indeed why it is that without the common shipworm, Teredo navalis, the Tube network might not even exist? Thought not. But now, with 10,000 wacky facts at your fingertips, The Little Book of the London Underground will tell you everything you need to know - and plenty more that your probably don't.

Additional Information

Stock Code: HP225.0
Author: Long D
ISBN13: 9780752452258
Height(mm): 192
Width(mm): 124
Page Count: 192
Publication Date: 30 Sep 2009
Publication Status: Out of print
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