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Signalling & Signal Boxes along the GER Routes

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Signalling & Signal Boxes along the GER Routes


Over the course of several volumes, Allen Jackson uses an array of photographs to lavishly illustrate the story of signalling in the principal constituents of the LNER - continuing here with the Great Eastern Railway. The LNER is most popularly remembered for the Railway Races to the North in the 1870s and trains like the Flying Scotsman and streamlined record-breaker Mallard. The last link with such glory days is the mechanical signalling and signal boxes, many of which have witnessed the LNER's finest exploits. This way of life is coming to an end and this book records some of the last of the semaphore scene, which in some cases is no longer with us and the rest is on notice.

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Stock Code: A6752.0
Author: Jackson A
ISBN13: 9781445667522
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 15 Jun 2017
Publication Status: Available
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