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Railway Memories 27 Sheffield

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Railway Memories 27 Sheffield


This book illustrates a time when this major city world-renowned for high quality steel and cutlery at the heart of Britain's rail network had two main line stations, three steam motive power depots, Britain's first all-electric inter-city main line and a huge marshalling yard that in its day was the most advanced in Europe. It transports us back to times when Sheffield's two distinct railway systems ran steam expresses to all parts of the country, named expresses to Scotland and Marylebone, when boat trains ran to Harwich and Liverpool, electric trains to Manchester, and Pullman trains to King's Cross, and times when a landscape of intense heavy industry spawned a daily cascade of up to 800 freight train movements rumbling and grinding their way around countless freight yards and private sidings. Apart from the many long-gone railway installations in and around Sheffield, the book features over 50 different classes of main line steam locomotives plus EM2 and EM1 electrics, diesels and industrials.

Additional Information

Stock Code: BEL29.0
Author: Chapman S
ISBN13: 9781871233285
Height(mm): 242
Width(mm): 180
Page Count: 128
Publication Date: 5 Apr 2013
Publication Status: Available
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