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The Fifteen Guinea Special The End of Steam and the Story of

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The Fifteen Guinea Special The End of Steam and the Story of


The Fifteen Guinea Special was the last steam-hauled British Rail passenger service on 11 August 1968. A day later, the once living and breathing steam locomotives fell silent, some never to run again. Hardman begins with an in-depth look into the Fifteen Guinea Special with first-hand accounts, and explores how the train has developed to become a cornerstone of British history. Barry Scrapyard, Dai Woodham and the world-famous Flying Scotsman then played a huge part in inspiring the resurrection of steam and the saving hundreds of locomotives from certain demise. Fifty years on, steam is alive and well and there is a re-kindled flame in the hearts of the British public. We take a step-by-step journey into the twenty-first century following the highs and lows of the business of steam-hauled mainline charters, bringing the story fully up to date.

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Stock Code: A8503.0
Author: Hardman I
ISBN13: 9781445685038
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 30 Jun 2021
Publication Status: Not yet printed
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