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Unfamiliar Underground: Finding the Calm in the Chaos of Lon

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Unfamiliar Underground: Finding the Calm in the Chaos of Lon


We are all familiar with bustling Tube stations and overcrowded carriages, but have you ever wondered what the London Underground looks like empty? Victoria Louise Howard's haunting photographs reveal just that: beautiful architecture, engineering and design as never seen before. Motivated by her desire to conquer her fear of confined underground spaces, she set herself the goal of capturing every Tube station, travelling to all 270 of them and waiting for the crowds to leave. The diary she kept during her project reveals the battle she fought to overcome her anxiety. Victoria's photographs uncover the history, beauty and tranquillity of a deserted London Underground that is rarely seen by those who use it the most.

Additional Information

Stock Code: H9056.0
Author: Howard VL
ISBN13: 9780750990561
Height(mm): 242
Width(mm): 200
Page Count: 176
Publication Date: 9 Aug 2019
Publication Status: Available
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