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Voices of Courage- The Dam Busters

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Voices of Courage- The Dam Busters


The Dam Busters raids have gone down as perhaps the most famous air strikes in history. Yet behind the story of courage and determination there lies another, darker side, both for the aircrews - 40% of whom died in the mission - and for those who lived below the dams in the path of the flood, many of whom were not even German. 'Voices of Courage' tells the story of those dramatic events through the eyes of those who were there. Whether or not the reality matches the legend, one thing that emerges is the incredible bravery of those who flew the most dangerous mission they had ever undertaken and the trauma experienced by those unlucky enough to be its target.

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Stock Code: A0406.0
Author: Bartlett WB
ISBN13: 9781398104068
Height(mm): 198
Width(mm): 129
Page Count: 320
Publication Date: 29 Feb 2020
Publication Status: Not yet printed
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