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Swindon is an obvious example of those operators which have never properly been covered. An account of the tram system was published some years ago, but virtually nothing has been written on the bus fleet. Whilst other municipalities were contracting, it continued to grow, a consequence of the expansionist policy being promoted by the Borough Council as they sought to turn a small and compact town, almost wholly dependent for employment on the Great Western railway workshops, into a much larger conurbation with a far wider economic base. Until well after the end of the Second World War, the urban area was very confined and the routes were generally short. There were also interesting features of the operation, particularly the need to employ single-deckers, which were for many years restricted in their capacity by the regulations relating to length, but were used on busy services which had to use two very low bridges, one of which, near the station, is still impassable to double-deckers
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