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VW Type 2 Transporter

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VW Type 2 Transporter


In this book, VW expert Richard Copping covers the complete history of the first generation VW Transporter or 'Camper', probably the most famous commercial and leisure van of all time. Beginning with the prototype vehicles produced in 1949, the author covers the development of the innovative but utilitarian Kombi and the more upmarket Micro Bus, followed by the De Luxe Micro Bus, the Ambulance and the Pick-Up. He covers the highlights of each vehicle and analyses the success of the range as a whole. The book covers the revamped model line from 1955. At this time, due to popular demand, Volkswagen authorised a whole series of coach built variations on the Transporter theme with vehicles as diverse as mobile shops, refrigerated vans and police mobile offices. The author also covers the revised model introduced in 1963 and by the time German production ended in July 1967, over 1.8 million Split Screen, first generation Transporters had been built.

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Stock Code: A9346.0
Author: Copping R
ISBN13: 9781445693460
Height(mm): 234
Width(mm): 165
Page Count: 96
Publication Date: 15 May 2020
Publication Status: Not yet printed
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