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Winners & Losers: Locomotive Bashing Tales from the 1980s

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Winners & Losers: Locomotive Bashing Tales from the 1980s


An engaging and light-hearted insight into the pursuit of locomotive haulage in the late 1980s. The adventures of a young man from Northern England are brought to life with will-researched data on locomotive workings, as well as historic, social and railway-related information from the time. The book evokes the heyday of diesel locomotive haulage, when loco-hauled trains were commonly found throughout Britain- an era when the trains on Britain's rail network were very different to those of the 21st century.

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Stock Code: PF175.0
Author: Chard A
ISBN13: 9781909431751
Height(mm): 233
Width(mm): 166
Page Count: 112
Publication Date: 5 Dec 2019
Publication Status: Available
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